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here's where i'll be tomorrow :] *yay*

i heart the cheese!
oh and happy birfday to me or something :P
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Deleted comment

i say dress-up. why spend all our hard earned money on stuff that just sits in our closet's??? stick evil mojo in your corset :P heh
ya know..I would go see those guys if they came around here..hehe ...(NY on weekdays is bad)

I sent you birfday greetings on yer myspace!

thank you for my birfday greetings!! i love it!

&i love you!!!
I woke up this morning, looked that the date and wished you happy birthday!
awwwwww! thank you sweetness! i miss you.
I text messaged Laurie to give you happy b-day wishes (dont know your home # lol) anyway hope you have a good one :)
thanks jen!!
Happy Birthday! :)
thank you! :]
How was it?
Heya! Came across your journal at random. Must say you're extremely pretty, & your eyebrows = stunning. XP
Anywho, I thought I'd add you to my friends list. You seem pretty interesting. ^.^
Add meh back perhaps?